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The Shangri-La, an aircraft carrier of the US Navy, crosses the Mediterranean in the summer of 1967 on a training trip lasting several months.

There are also thirteen young sailors on board who are already worried about the time after military service.
They quickly find out that they are all enthusiastic motorcycle fans and chat about their common passion on calm Mediterranean nights.

The idea of founding a motorcycle club is almost inevitable, the badge will be designed right on board.
The project, however, can be described as quite daring:
After leaving the Navy, each of the thirteen should found a chapter in his hometown.

And exactly that doesn't work as desired, with most the initial euphoria vanishes fast in view of the everyday problems in the homeland -

and the enormous distances within the USA do their rest.

Only the young Grub from Orlando/FL takes the matter seriously.
So the dream of the young sailors still becomes reality.

The badge designed by Skip on the boat is worn almost unchanged until today.

A large part of the Warlocks-Chapter is spread over the American east coast, 25 years ago the jump back to Europe was successful.

Since then there has also been one chapter in the Allgäu and since the mid-nineties three more in England.

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